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[How to maintain Dongguan custom wardrobe]

When your customers go home for a long time to buy furniture, dust, dirt, etc. will inevitably appear. Please note that the following points must tell customers not to do this!

1. Do not use coarse cloth or old clothes to wipe the furniture to avoid scratching the furniture.

2. Do not use a damp cloth soaked in soapy water or detergent to wipe the furniture. They are corrosive. If water penetrates into the wood, it will cause mold or partial deformation of the wood, shortening its service life.

3. Do not place the furniture in the sun or in a dry place.

4. Don't apply wax on furniture. There will be fog-like spots on the furniture.

5. Don't put it on the table, high-concentration alcohol, banana water and freshly boiled boiling water and other hot things to prevent damage to the paint.

6. Do not wash the furniture made of plywood with water, and it is not advisable to soak it in alkaline water to prevent the plywood from being glued or degummed in bulk.

7. Do not use paint and putty that are different from the original color of the furniture to fully mix, and then insert the furniture into the crack to prevent it from leaving scars.

8. Don't wipe the dust with a dry cloth, so as not to wear the furniture, make the surface bright and rough, and the light is no longer.

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