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[Dongguan wardrobe manufacturers take you to understand the main classification of wardrobes]

Analysis of wardrobe manufacturers in Dongguan can be divided into three categories from the perspective of use: sliding door wardrobes (also known as sliding door wardrobes), swing door wardrobes and open wardrobes.

Dongguan wardrobe manufacturer

Sliding door

It is also called a sliding door wardrobe or a "one"-shaped overall wardrobe, which can be embedded in the wall directly on the roof and become a part of the home decoration. It is divided into internal sliding closet and external sliding closet: internal sliding closet is to put the closet door in the closet. It is individual, easy to integrate, more flexible, relatively durable, easy to clean, and has a high space utilization rate; external sliding closet is The wardrobe door is placed outside the cabinet body, most of which are tailor-made according to the element requirements of the home environment, and the space utilization rate is very high.

Generally speaking, sliding wardrobes give people a simple and lively feeling, and are generally suitable for relatively small families, mainly modern Chinese styles. In modern home decoration, more and more people will choose sliding wardrobe doors, which are lightweight, easy to use, high in space utilization, and easy to customize. Since entering the market, they have been favored by decoration owners and have greatly replaced traditional flat doors. The trend of opening doors.

Swing door

The side-hung wardrobe is a traditional open-style wardrobe that links the door panel and the cabinet by the hinge of a pipe, similar to the "one"-shaped overall wardrobe. The level of grade mainly depends on the quality of the door panels and the quality of the hardware. The advantage is that it is much cheaper than the sliding door wardrobe, but the disadvantage is that it takes up more space.

Open style

The storage function of the open wardrobe is very strong, and it is more convenient. The open wardrobe is more avant-garde than the traditional wardrobe. Although it is very fashionable, the requirements for the cleanliness of the room are also relatively high. Therefore, you should always pay attention to the cleanliness of the wardrobe. Basically, people’s clothing There are more, so home designers have designed open wardrobes.

To make full use of the height of the bedroom space, increase the usable space of the wardrobe as much as possible. Items that are often used should be placed at a height within easy reach. Out-of-season items should be stored on the top shelf.

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