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[Which aspects should be paid attention to in the maintenance of the overall wardrobe in Dongguan?]

The functional quality and service life of the overall wardrobe manufacturers in Dongguan have a lot to do with the material accessories and processing technology used in the wardrobe itself. For example, the key to the selection of the plate is to look at its own bearing capacity. The quality of hardware accessories such as the top and bottom wheels of the door is directly related to the service life of the wardrobe. Whether the sealing edge is smooth and delicate, and whether the adhesion is strong enough, etc., are directly related to the use of the wardrobe. effect.

1. Maintain a ventilated and dry indoor environment. Regularly maintain indoor ventilation, which can exchange the humid air in the room with the outdoors, and make the chemical substances in the wooden wardrobe evaporate and discharge to the outdoors as much as possible. The common practice is to frequently open the windows or doors to make the air convection or Adopt air conditioning system and ventilation system.

2. Regular cleaning and maintenance are required. In the process of daily use, dust or stains should be wiped frequently to keep the wardrobe clean. When cleaning, try to use a soft cotton cloth that is not easy to shed. If you use a hard, rough rag or a cotton cloth with foreign matter, it will scratch the paint surface and lose its luster. Do not use hot water, alkaline water or disinfectant to wash the closet, it will damage the surface paint of the closet.

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3. Do a good job of long-term protection of the wardrobe. Put camphor and tobacco leaves in the closet to prevent moths and cockroaches, and put some peppers to prevent rats. Overall wardrobe manufacturers

4. Place the wardrobe stably to ensure the function of the wardrobe and prevent damage to the structure of the wardrobe. If the wardrobe is placed in a unstable state, the fasteners will loosen over time, the joint part of the tenon or connector will become loose, and the bonding part will crack, which will affect the service life of the wardrobe. If the floor is uneven, the legs of the wardrobe must be padded, especially when using a chair, it is necessary to make the legs of the wardrobe stable, otherwise it will not only affect the comfort of the chair, but may also damage the chair.

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