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[Dongguan custom furniture company analyzes winter solid wood furniture maintenance tips]

"Heaven and water enter into each other, and autumn and winter climate begins to cross", the "Beginning of Winter" of the twenty-four solar terms is coming soon. After entering the winter, the weather is getting dry, and many users of solid wood furniture are worried about the problem of furniture cracking. So while enjoying the warmth of winter, how to maintain solid wood furniture?

In winter, solid wood furniture needs a humid environment. It is best not to put it near the radiator, and to avoid long-term exposure to the whole or part of the furniture. If you bake at a higher temperature for a long time, it is easy to cause partial cracking, warping, deformation and even partial qualitative changes of the wood. Therefore, it is best to keep the furniture away from the sun, or use a translucent tulle curtain to block the direct sunlight. , This will not affect the indoor lighting, but also protect the indoor furniture.

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At the same time, furniture should not be placed in a damp place, because the wood is easy to expand when wet, and it will deform and rot over time. Indoor fish and flowers can also adjust the air humidity. At the same time, you can also wipe the furniture with essential oils. In winter, the air humidity is relatively low and the room is relatively dry. The key to maintaining furniture is to get rid of dryness.

Dongguan Custom Furniture Co., Ltd. reminds you that the moisturizing of wooden furniture is not enough to moisturize with a wet rag. You should also use professional furniture care essential oils to keep it moisturized. Furniture care essential oil contains natural orange oil that is easily absorbed by wood fibers, which can effectively lock the moisture in the wood to prevent cracking and deformation, while nourishing the wood, allowing the wood to regain its luster from the inside to the outside, and prolong the service life of the furniture.

In addition, a simple way to hide scratches and dents is to use a cotton ball or paintbrush, and apply shoe polish of a similar color on the surface of the solid wood furniture. To remove water stains, place clean absorbent paper on the water stains, and then lightly iron them with an iron to remove them. You can also wax the furniture regularly, usually once a quarter, so that the furniture looks shiny and the surface does not absorb dust, and it is easier to clean.

Remember that it is best to humidify the room during heating. In winter, the air is dry and the indoor humidity is low. Small particles of dust and other harmful substances fly freely. In addition, heating brings a large increase in harmful gas components such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. Intensified pollution will provide a "hotbed" for the breeding and spread of bacteria and germs, and it will also bring certain damage to the furniture. Therefore, the awareness of winter maintenance of solid wood furniture is indispensable.

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