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[Dongguan custom wardrobe solid wood custom furniture advantages]

1. Overall design advantages:

Dongguan Custom Wardrobe Whole Wood Home Customization has more than 20 top designers. While providing customers with the overall furniture design and production, it can meet the different styles of different customers.

2. Factory direct sales

Ensure that customers have the highest understanding of product production, prices, and consumer interests. The open factory production line will also provide customers with a clear view of the materials used and costs.

3. Quality advantage

Dongguan custom-made wardrobes, whole-wood and home-made products, have already broken through the low level of safety and credibility, and have risen to high standards of green, environmental protection and low carbon. Inheriting the waxing process of the Ming Dynasty and launching a more environmentally friendly beeswax coating. The design progress, production process, location of each of our customized furniture products, and any changes are all transparent and open information that customers can know at any time.

4. Service advantages

We will provide each customer with the best service, because every time we sell a product, we are responsible for serving the person who buys our product to the end. Boiling wax craft products have the effects of insect-proof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion, and have a longer service life and worry-free after-sales.

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