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[What are the extended meanings of Dongguan wardrobe?]

Clean up your closet. Dispose of clothes that have not been worn in the past year or two. You can sell it to thrift stores, send it as relief supplies, or change it into children’s clothing. Even if your closet is big enough to hold old clothes, you have to clean out the clothes you will never wear again in your life. Because the pile of old clothes will not only mess up your wardrobe, but also mess up your thinking. Nostalgia for old clothes often overwhelms your current emphasis and future prospects. How many people actually spend a lot of energy and financial resources on buying clothes, in the end they still spread their hands and sigh at the wardrobe: "I have nothing to wear!" To avoid the above situation, you must make a plan and use it as a guide. Your purchase. Write down your plans for the new year, consider what should be prioritized and which can be delayed, and consider the occasions you will be attending. Are there any weddings or banquets to attend? Business trip or travel from north to south? Meetings in and out of the hotel, etc.

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